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Welcome to PCA!  

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2014-2015 School Calendar of Events

Greek Week is here!!!!  October 27-31!

Monday, Oct. 27th:  Wear a Greek Hat to school

Tuesday, Oct. 28th (OXI Day):  Bring a Greek Flag to school (homemade or store-bought)

Wednesday, Oct. 29th:  Wear a Greek T-shirt or Jersey to school

Thursday, Oct. 30th:  Bring your favorite Greek item to school

Friday, Oct. 31st:  Sing your favorite Greek song

Zhtw h Ellada!!!

Afterschool clubs have begun!  Registration is ongoing throughout the school year.

  • Mondays:  Greek Dance Club
  • Tuesdays:  Lego Club
  • Fridays:  PCA Spartans Sports Club